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Interpreter Health and Safety: COVID-19
Mar 21, 2020
Practical tips and conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on healthcare interpreters.

Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters
Mar 16, 2020
Resources for how medical interpreters can maximize personal safety and infection control during on-site interpreting encounters.

Interpreting in Mental Health Encounters
Mar 11, 2020
Learn more about how interpreters can support providers and non-English-dominant patients in mental health settings.


Take your language skills to the next level.

Have you ever been shopping with a friend, or a neighbor, who needed you to explain what the store clerk was saying? Have you ever translated a restaurant menu for someone who didn't speak the language? Maybe you've been enlisted by a loved one to go to a medical appointment because they couldn't communicate with their doctor or nurse, or perhaps you've volunteered to teach English as a second language. If you've done any of these things, you've acted as an interpreter before. Why not turn your skills and experience into cash while you're giving back to the community, too?

Multi-lingual speakers are in high demand, with high growth industries such as health care offering skilled interpreters a rewarding career path. The healthcare industry is also investigating professional certifications for healthcare interpreters, which will further increase demand for skilled professionals. With the proper professional training and coaching, you can leverage your current language skills into a satisfying, long-term professional career helping patients communicate effectively with healthcare providers.

The first step to becoming an ILS interpreter is to complete an application. As opportunities become available, we'll contact you to come into our offices to speak more in depth about the position - and to test your language skills. After successfully passing your proficiency exam, you'll be invited to attend our Curriculum for Interpreting in Health Care© training course, where you'll learn the basics of interpreting. As part of the course requirement, you'll attend internship interpreting encounters, studying under a senior interpreter and learning to apply the skills you learned in class. Upon completion of your internship, you'll be invited to contract with ILS and start your career as a professional healthcare interpreter,